More Than a River in Egypt

When I wrote the songs for my album “It’s About Time” I came to realize how time obsessed I could be. As in my “The Silence There” I remember what I did, order I can’t go back and rearrange it. I could, of course if I subscribed more heavily to the practice of denial. Looking over the events of the current political scene has made me focus on the art and practice of denial. So I’m working on a collection of songs about that. Our favorite hiding place.

But time has whipped by this past month and it’s interesting how cramming so much in a short space of time makes it seem longer in retrospect yet goes too damn fast while you’re in that whirl to get things done:

Organized a lot of gigs in the past two weeks and eliminated others. Started the exploration of forming a band. Started working in earnest on song writing (songs about denial). Studied more on the skill of publicity and booking. Networked my ass off. Spent time with my godson while his Momma, delivered his sister. Got better acquainted with some musicians and business peeps I really really like. Watched a very supportive venue go under hours before my gig and contemplated on the possibility of a miraculous resurrection and was forced to throw a house concert together in the space of a few hours. A whole lot of socializing, working out and health care is thrown in that mix and I’m constantly amused and delighted by my Cathy’s energy, beauty and grace.

So much more to come on all fronts.

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