Perform Well–Get Naked Later

A week on the set of Beautiful Noise the movie and one more to go. Exhilarating, information pills inspiring, site humbling and an entire pallet of emotions that are hard to define or express. Even for a songwriter. This is an amazing crew and cast who never stop giving to each other to pursue their best work, cialis 40mg scene after scene. I’ve met some very talented people I never would have run into on my own. Kimber Cleveland, for one, is a wonderful singer/songwriter and has discovered herself as an actress. Her husband, Doug Frasure, is also a very talented singer/songwriter, drummer and very good actor. He takes the prize for the funniest man on the set too. Danielle White is an amazing singer with a killer smile who is destined to steal a lot of hearts when this movie is released. Jay White (no relation to Danielle) is no stranger to hardcore Neil Diamond fans and turns in wonderful performance in the lead role. And coming to the movie exactly five minutes before is first scene is gifted actor Dane Dandridge, a very talented guy and an extremely quick study. Writer/Director/Producer Steve Tatone is amazing to work with. He’s tireless and never loses his cool. He knows how to bring the best out of his crew and cast. His ambition is to extend this movie into a trilogy and there is no doubt he can pull this off. Here are the trailer and the first music video:

I’m having an amazing time as a band member in about four scenes and as the Technical Adviser for all the music scenes and as a Production Assistant on the rest of the movie. I’m not getting much sleep. But I’m not complaining. I’ve met so many cool people from right here in Sarasota as well as from far and wide that it’s a sensation not unlike pulling a new book off of the shelf and becoming instantly and lovingly involved.

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Land Gigs
Blogging has evaporated under the glare of Facebook, cialis it seems. Still a useful place to summarize some thoughts and events.

I played more gigs in more venues in more cities in 2010 than any year so far, pilule
yet the money was not nearly as good as previous years. Understandable in a recession but I get the impression that many venue owners would like to make permanent their current rate of pay and non-pay. My aim and my advice is to choose these venues wisely. There has to be a payout at least in terms of exposure, sale
networking or doing/returning a favor. At some point it may become obvious that none of those things are working for me and that’s when I end it.
I turned down three out-of-state showcases/festivals for 2011 that I played last year. The resume item was nice but the expense was clearly not worth it. Very little return on investment. This year, my out of town bookings will all pay enough to at least break even and either establish a new market or be worth their weight in publicity. I’m grateful that my steady gig at Back Eddy Bistro is very good and fun although it is not the best place to showcase my own music. But I think that will gradually change there. And I have other venues for that.

The most potentially valuable gig I did was as an extra and technical adviser in the Beautiful Noise movie right here in Sarasota. I got some screen time, did some valuable networking and have an inside track on getting my songs in the sequels. Lot of possibilities here.

I’m on The BAAMO compilation and concert in St. Pete which opens me to a new market. Scored another gig on the waterfront in Jacksonville. Both of these should help get some attention in Orlando. Hoping to make it back on the Noise Ordinance compilation and concert for the second year.

A few things became painfully obvious this year. Solo acoustic does not sell well unless you have some powerful gimmick. I’m fine with opening for bigger acts but these opportunities are limited and tend to go to those who are better connected or work cheaper. I’m putting a duo together with my good friend Joe B who is a terrific singer/songwriter and just great to work with. We realize we need either percussion or bass to fill out our sound and make us more bookable. We’re calling ourselves The Bees but I’m beginning to winder if we’d get more attention if we called ourselves something like Bare-Assed in Fishnets.

It’s disturbing that the reality of the music biz today is that you can write, sing and play really well but nothing sells like a pair of fishnet stockings sans pants, a nip slip or tattooed genitalia. Outrageous behavior seems to be required. It’s depressing enough to see this but even worse when the exhibitionist on stage doesn’t really have the performance chops. Too many young people try too hard with the image and not hard enough working on their craft. Indie musicians have day jobs and time is precious. Glory be to those who eschew the outrageous in favor of just working on getting better.

Another troubling trend is that A&R “execs” all want newbies to sound like somebody who already is making it. My year in Taxi taught me that. The music industry below the top tier is devoted to making money on people trying to become stars. You can spend a fortune each year on music conferences, promotion deals, Sonicbids and Reverbnation submissions and endless pay-to-play deals. If you want to make money in music, it seems, play naked or run a music scam that preys on people like me.

I’m just happy to be making music and getting by. I may get lucky but it won’t be through an image transformation of the kind mentioned above. Happy New Year!
Here is my usual request for you to become a fan by clicking the link below, but this time it’s for the pre-movie guy Bud:

Land Gigs

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  1. Bud: I read this excellent post very carefully and you are right about the change in the industry, which has gone nuts. It becomes: “How do I remain true to my craft and still make a living?” I was thrilled at how you have tripled your exposure through all that travel! I do hope you can play the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville at least once!! Good to see you here, my friend!!!

    January 17, 2011 at 10:36 pm

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