I have to share this quote from Steve Tatone’s Director’s Blog of the Beautiful Noise movie, sales on which I served as Technical Adviser, price and featured extra:

The true unsung heroes of the day were Claire Franklin and Bud Buckley. Both of these highly talented people worked many long days on behalf of the production to make sure we captured the authentic look and feel of a huge concert setting – and believe me…it was no small task. Claire worked with me to hand-pick deserving local Suncoast musicians to be Jay’s backup band in the sequence and Bud was responsible for the overall staging of the event. Working with his friends from Troll Music, Bud made certain that everything on the massive Riverview stage, from the stage plot plan to all the instruments and sound equipment, was perfect. He and Claire took the vision I had for this important concert sequence and expanded on it – and our film shines as a result of their collective effort. I’m really very proud to feature local SRQ musicians throughout “Beautiful Noise” because these great artists work on a nightly basis to create the eclectic, vibrant music scene Sarasota is famous for without getting a lot of notice. I’m glad we could showcase them in the film.

The movie has pretty much wrapped now with a few exterior shots left to November. Editing has begun and I’ve been asked to start the budgeting process for a tour by the movie bands to promote the film which should be out for the spring festivals, especially the Sarasota Film Festival. Couldn’t be happier to have a chance to continue working with this amazing group of people. What a ride so far!
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Excellent news today in a rather eventful year. I’ve been selected to appear on the Noise Ordinance 2 compilation and perform at the CD Release party. This is a huge bash in Sarasota that was voted the year’s best event in 2010. Being chosen among 39 out of 116 entries is a huge honor that tests ones musicality as much as it tests one’s networking/PR skills. Indeed I have some close friends who did not make the cut and that is a real shame because they belong on this bill. I know we will all be working hard to make it again next year.

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for instance, I’m rehearsing my duo act with my pal Joe B. Joe is one who should have made it on to NO2. He is a prolific songwriter and a powerful singer. His guitar skills are excellent. We are gonna sting some butt as The Bees. October to April is “The Season” here in South Florida) so I’m enjoying an extremely busy gig schedule at Back Eddy Bistro on weekends and doing my original stuff during the week at places in Sarasota like The Shamrock, Blue Owl and whatever else comes up. The Bees will focus on those midweek gigs until the weekends get less busy for both of us. Then we’ll do an all out push for prime time with our original material.

I’m also rehearsing with a group of amazing musicians for the April 1 concert to promote the movie Beautiful Noise, filmed here in Sarasota last summer and fall. I’m in a few scenes and served as technical adviser on the concert scenes. The film premiers at the Sarasota Film Festival in the second week of April. The concert will feature music from the film as well as long second set of Jay White, the star of the movie who is a superb Neil Diamond tribute performer in Vegas. I’ll be in a band backing him up.

At the end of April, I’ll be performing a set in the BAAMO CD release Party in Tampa. This, like the Noise Ordinance CD, is a huge honor in a bigger market. I expect it will lead to some gigs in the bay area which I have not tried very hard to book.

Betwixt and between all of this, I’m writing new material for my next CD to be recorded this August in the famed NRS studios of Woodstock NY. Working with my dear friend and producer Helen Avakian is the highlight of my year. To have Scott Petito mixing and mastering and playing bass and keys and whatever else he picks up is astounding good fortune. I’ll likely have Josh Peni back on drums and I’ll see if I can coax Deni Bonet out of Greenwich Village for a day for some more killer violin tracks. Beth Reineke will undoubtedly give me more sweet background vocals. And who knows who else might show up there. It IS Woodstock! Now I have to go out and raise some money for that effort.
Here is my usual request for you to become a fan by clicking the link below:

Land Gigs


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  1. This is all good news, Bud!

    April 11, 2011 at 12:57 am

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