Sometimes You Just Can’t Hide From the Holidays

Bud Buckley
This blog, sickness
years ago, was originally called Confessions of a Singer Songwriter. Sometimes I confess and sometimes I deny so… In Denial, my forth CD is out and on sale and collecting good reviews. Which, I must confess,  puts me back at that part of my work cycle that involves far more promotion than production.  Such is the life of an indie singer/songwriter.  I hope you’ll give it a listen at CDBaby and read some of the nice stuff people have said.  I’ve sold some downloads on Amazon and iTunes and Rhapsody and who knows where else. Those reports come in slowly.

This website is under serious redesign and you may or may not be seeing some changes already.  It will focus on music promotion and sales. This blog will be housed in a tab with highlights of recents at the bottom of the home page.

In general, my daily activities involve publicity chores, practicing, working out, meditating and, if I’m very lucky, writing or arranging.  I love my life!  And that’s more of an admission than a confession.
Getting ready for Christmas gigs. I normally avoid them. I get tired of relearning songs I only do once a year. Especially when I’m trying to write my own songs and promote the ones I’ve already recorded. But three things happened that put me right in the thick of all the yuletide music madness. It started when my friend Ed Midler of Sarasota Music Scene asked me about three times to play some songs at a special performance that was being streamed, there
pod casted and recorded for release. This is an organization that is dedicated to supporting local songwriters. I want to give back to them whenever I can. But I did not want to write a Christmas song. I think the world has plenty already.  So I agreed to do two covers.  But then I ran into my pal Jax Resto of Female Band Invasion. When I told her this story she lit up like, erectile
well, remedy
do I have to use the cliche here? Her hair turned to tinsel and her nose turned red as she said she’d write the words and I could write the music.  Cathy, my muse-ish wife suggested a theme–Christmas Is Everyday. And Jax came up with a lyric that same night.  I did the music the following day and we agreed to do the gig together with Jax on drums and her bass player Bri Hays giving us the bottom. December 15 is the live stream. Many notices will go out over the net. You can only miss it if you are trying to.

Thing Two that happened is just a calendar quirk. I happen to be playing my regular gig every Friday and Saturday at the fabulous Back Eddy Bistro on Christmas Eve.  You have to be sensitive about what you play on Christmas Eve. Even if you are, say, an irreligious heathen.  So that drags me out of the plan for a measly three songs I was planning to learn for the gig I already told you about.  I want to say right out front though, that if you happen to have your Christmas Eve dinner at Back Eddy, you will eat very VERY well. But you will not hear me do songs like Silent Night or The Little Frigging Drummer Boy. I won’t do Jingle Bells unless there are small children and they are tipping. I’m going to revisit the Beatles Christmas songs and see if there is anything there worth learning.  Maybe I’ll try the Springsteen version of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  I’m eager to hear your suggestions.

Thing Three is actually Boxing Day. I agreed to do a private party on Boxing Day, which is the day after Christmas and is a British tradition where people box up there unwanted presents and give them to those who might otherwise go giftless on Christmas.  Giftless On Christmas is a great name for a song. I’m going to tell Jax and get that going.  But first I need to find some boxing day songs. I will ask my client before I run out of time.  Once again, though, if you want to point me in the right direction, please comment below.

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet but when do you think this stuff gets done?

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2 Responses to “Sometimes You Just Can’t Hide From the Holidays”

  1. Jax #

    Hey, Bud. Well, I have three favorite Christmas songs that I think you would do an awesome job on. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (Chrissy Hynde did a great job with that one,) and John Lennon’s Happy Christmas. The third is a new song about everyday being Christmas written by…oh, us :-). As for Boxing Day? Hm, Hit Me With Your Best Shot. Ha, kidding. I’ll see what I come up with.

    November 9, 2011 at 9:57 am
  2. Jax, let’s have a look at the Chrissy version Thursday at rehearsal. John’s song as well. Yeah, I do like our song the best! I think we’re gonna do some cool stuff together.

    November 9, 2011 at 10:02 am

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