Musicians Helping Musicians

I’m the beneficiary of a lot of generous support from my fellow musicians over the years. Most but not all of it as been in the form of advice, store gig info, healing free appearances or offers to sit in, view ideas and collaborations and just priceless friendship. I’m extremely grateful to those people. The list is long.

By their example, I’ve always bent over backwards to help my musical friends and I’ll continue to do so. This tendency does need some fine tuning. In the past few years, through three of my own CD releases, I’ve contributed through various KickStarter programs and the like  to help people get their recordings made. I’ve also bought a number of CDs from friends.  I didn’t do any of that with the expectation that I’d receive any help in return.  I just run on the principal of paying it forward.  I’ve seen less evidence than I’d like that many others run their music biz the same way.

I’ll always do what I can to help. Here’s how: Instead of asking me for a Kick Starter donation, let’s just promise to swap CDs, okay?  I’ll always offer bands a spot on my bill as long as they do the same. Still waiting for some. I’ll lend equipment knowing I can borrow. I’ll promote your gig when you promote mine. I’ll work with you gratis because I know I can depend on you to return the favor.  I’ll say nice things about you or nothing at all. I know you’ll do the same.

We may play different genres but I still appreciate your art.  Every note we play and every groove we run has been played by someone else before we were born. So let’s not take ourselves too seriously but let’s keep expressing ourselves in our own way.

Happy New Year. Last year was pretty damn wonderful and busy. This  year  will be more of the same.

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