Becoming the Grinch of Flinch

 I don’t waste time harboring regrets. “Can’t go back and rearrange it, tadalafil ” I sing in my song “The Silence There.” (Listen on sidebar). The header on the top of each of my journal pages says: MAKE EVERY MINUTE COUNT! So I won’t catalog a list of the minutes in life I’d like to have back, cialis to make them count.  Probably they revolve around watching mindless TV, buy playing video games, daydreaming in school. But I’ll just chalk those minutes up as the experience I needed to come to the decision not to waste any more.

These days I don’t have enough minutes to get done all I need and want to do. Most of my wants are needs. Not all of my needs are wants. But they are needs just the same. Do I want to work on publicity rather than music, for instance? No, I’d rather sing about other people. Compile tax info? Right after my root canal. Straighten up my studio? There’s probably a song under some of those piles.

Takes time to prioritize my many goals. I could let sleep become my enemy in this pursuit of making time count.  Instead, I’m attempting to control and remember my dreams. Important stuff is going on during those Delta brain wave hours. Gotta make that work for me.  You see how driven I’ve become? Multitasking sleep.  There’s either a book or a song in there.:
The hours I keep will be the death of me
Multitask my sleep to use the rest of me
Eh, some words just don’t work in songs. Add “multitask” to “Volkswagen” on my list of Not Lyrical Words.

On top of that, I’ve become extremely interested in a book by Julian Smith called FLINCH.  Enlightening to say the least.  It’s gonna be fascinating to see if I can change some of my behaviors. The idea is to take whatever punch comes your way without flinching and fight right back. Better yet, Flinch forward instead of away. This makes perfect sense and I’ve seen it work recently by a lizard on my lanai (patio for you non-Floridians).  I approached a lizard and instead of  running away, he ran right at me and between my feet, disappearing behind me. I did not expect that. He should have flinched and run away.  He defeated me with guts and surprise. This is the way I’m going to face problems I traditionally run away from. The book is also big on getting you to do stuff you are afraid of.  Take a cold shower, talk to strangers.  I’m working on it. Still cleaning dog dirt off of a sneaker to prove it.
Not afraid of dog shit
But I’m not gonna slide head first through it
Okay, maybe that’s a rap song. I offer it for free to any rappers out there Googling the dog shit tag. Just leave the explode and erode rhyme alone, please. See below.

I continue with my resolution to complete last year’s goals. The problem is still prioritizing and scheduling. Health has to be number one. Mental as well as physical.  I can easily spend three hours a day on those two (as I am very mental and get pretty physical at times too). That includes preparing healthy foods and meditating. Need to see if I can meditate and do cardio at the same time. Since I have my doubts, I will flinch forward with that tomorrow.  I will certainly flinch back at my aching muscles when I want to quit on a rep.
One more drop squat or the world will explode
Gym work stops rot, so I’ll never erode
Look, songs start somewhere. I can at least use explode and erode someplace else. Welcome to my mind.

Music practice and writing easily fills 5 hours. They tend to blend and one steals from the other. And then the many internet chores I do steals from both of them.  Gotta work that problem out.  Gotta tame my Facebook Jones.  It can be worse than cocaine at times. So I will flinch back by not moving to a song unless my practice is done. The internet stays off until I finish whatever song I’m composing. Gonna prove that today. Jax gave me a good pop lyric to develop and supply music to.

Internet chores eat about four hours.  Email, Facebook and publicity are the main conspirators.  Can’t really see how to trim any more. So I’ll flinch back by unsubscribing to a LOT of my regular email.

Avoidance, procrastination and denial are things that make me flinch and run away from what I need to do. Gonna be a fun adventure fighting back. Next week, I’ll report.  You gotta get this Flinch book. It’s free!

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