Fan and Friend Appreciation!

So I go to the YMCA for yoga, information pills spinning, ampoule cardio, see and see my personal trainer, Jitka, bi-weekly. Nothing like a pretty Czech lady who can bench press me to keep me motivated. Working out is the other must-do I believe in to keep healthy in this business. The struggle is making sure to follow through with this when I’m trying to write, rehearse, perform, or do the endless hours of web work and publicity.  Lately I’ve been biking as fast as I can in a strenuous gear around the neighborhood. Saves time going to the Y and back and shooting the breeze with folks while I’m there. It will always be my struggle to balance all of this.  AND not succumb to the I’m-too-tired-to-make-good-eating-choices syndrome.  I look at most of my contemporaries and I know I’m successful despite my cyclical binges in the wrong direction from time to time.

My song writing partner and drummer when I do the band thing is Jax Resto. You can see her in the Bowie Tribute videos above. One look at her and you will want to know her secret. But pictures only tell half the story. Jax has astounding energy and spirit. She is a former professional dancer and circus aerialist with Ringling Brothers. When I learned that she was married to the human canon ball during those years, I figured she must have been the gun powder.  She is a first rate drummer, lyricist and novelist. On top of this and her massage business, she is a black belt Tai Kwan Do instructor.

Here’s what she told me when I asked her how she stays fit enough to endure the extra rigors of a gigging musician/songwriter:

“For me it’s about consistency. It’s much easier to maintain than get back
in shape. I don’t have any special diet, really. I just try not to eat late
at night. I do martial arts 3 times a week and try to run about 3 miles 3
times a week. If I can’t fit running into my day, I try to do something
even if it’s just a few minutes on the total gym. Then at night, I try to
work in a set of pushups with my son before bed. Of course there are always
the mean workouts on the drums ;). And I never buy a larger size pair of

I thought the last bit about the jeans was inJEANious!

And what about meditation/mindfulness? Well, I believe this is also critical to our overall well-being and you don’t have to sit in a meditation for an hour to get the results. Even just a few minutes (around 15) a day of being still and in silence can do wonders.  But I’ve been using a binaural sound system called Holosync for nearly a year now and it’s been wonderful. I highly recommend it. Comment if you want to know more.

I know the same self-care issue is valid for other professions too. Show business adds extra pressure. There are countless great looking stars with average talent. Probably as many average looking stars with wonderful talent. Being someplace in the middle,  I’m just gonna continue to stay fit.  And practice. Always practice.

Award show speeches are not fake. Especially the fan thanks. So thanks, more about
fans! I’m really a lucky guy. I do what I love and I love those who help me continue doing it. That’s you. You come to my shows, medicine
show your love online, and support my livelihood by buying my tunes! Musicians know that there are two aspects to being a pro. The first of course is having talent and or enough hard work to create good music; the natural artist within us meets self-imposed slave. The second aspect is that of living as a professional, and that very much rests in the hands of those who listen to us and buy our music to further support us in assuring we can continue our passion.

As a huge thank you to my friends and fans, and of course to encourage folks to support this humble artist, I am offering a 2 for 1 special. Buy any song and I will send you one for free. Not even Walmart has that kind of deal! You get two songs for 99 cents! Most of us download music all the time vie iTunes, Reverbation and CD Baby and so you have your choice of any of these. I have made it super easy, just click here and choose which download option you prefer. Then, enter your email address and I will send you your free download! Thank you! Thank you for your ongoing support and know that every 99 cents is a big deal to me because I prefer not to use fund raising Campaigns. Just want to remain in connection with you. Two cool tunes for less than the price of a candy bar, just for YOU! Enjoy!

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