Thank You Adele!

Remember 45 RPMs? I think they inspired the Frisbee. Some inventive entrepreneur gave his little sister’s favorite 45 a toss across the back yard and the dog caught it on the fly. It’s possible. Those things are antiques and share a museum case in my mind with those breakable 78 RPM records with the tiny hole, doctor the wire recorder, the cylinder and oh, yeah, nothing but live music “unplugged” by the absence of electricity. Since the 45, we’ve gone through 33RPM vinyl LPs, 8 track tapes, cassettes and now we are watching the last days of the CD pass before us with the speed of an MP3 downloading from the iCloud. The cloud is making USB disappear as well. Now, if you have a computer, you can be a rock star. The world of music is flooded with these homegrown efforts. A world rich in music is a good thing.  One with quality music of course is prefered!

What is the good news? Music sales has grown in 2011 for the first time since 2004! And a big thank you to Adele because she is one of the biggest reasons that music sales were up for the first time in a long time! “‘Adele became the first artist to go double-platinum on iTunes — while her massive breakthrough, 21, helped goose digital and physical sales numbers by collectively topping more than 8 million in 2011 — digital sales were huge. Both unit sales (105 million) and revenue ($1 billion) were up more than 20 percent. Single downloads were up nearly 11 percent to 1.3 million.” That is impressive! I hope this kind of grow continues in 2012.

 I know I will surely concentrate on selling more downloads now and I’ll most likely limit my recording to two or three new songs a year. And you know what? I like it this way. The music biz has changed and I’m embracing it. I’ll make just enough CDs for promotion and for the dinosaurs who still walk among us. And for the rest of the world, there is my 2 for 1 deal!  Buy one download and receive one free!

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