Better Indie Than Inny

I don’t keep score. Except when my livelihood is at stake. Golf partners hate me for not caring where I hit the ball. My feeling was the more shots I got to take from the weirdest places, drug the more fun it was and I really got my money’s worth!  I don’t play now. I was not a popular golf partner.  Just gave my unused clubs to Goodwill. I won’t watch competitive music shows or battle of the bands. Music is not about competition. It’s about art. It’s about finding the people who are most touched by your art.  I find them but I need to find a lot more because, viagra 60mg damn my art is expensive to produce!

So non-competitive me is heavily trolling the internet for new fans and people to listen to me. I’m number one singer songwriter on locally. Number 2 in Florida and heading up fast. Number 19 in the US and watch out top ten. All this is lovely, prostate of course. But I need to find my true demographic. Translation: who likes my music enough to buy a download? I’ll sell you a CD if you prefer. They will be collectors items in a few years. It’s all about selling downloads, baby!

I believe I make very good music and I pride myself on taking no shortcuts. Woodstock studios, top producer, engineer and the best studio musicians are essential to me. I don’t want to sit still as I continue to grow artistically. Sometimes I do worry if I don’t continue being the internet whore, my music is gonna just stay in bed and die! So of course I am going to get a bit promotional for a minute! Especially so I can find the people who like my music and want to listen to it on a regular basis, in their car, working out, enjoying their cup of joe. If you are up for supporting my efforts you could just use my tune widget on the right or if you want to be a super friend and fan, e-mail this widget url to your friends and recommend they give it a listen:

This rocket is gonna blast off sooner or later. You’ll be happy to brag you were there in the beginning and got a widow seat.
The Internet thankfully made the indie musician possible! Unfortunately even with this opportunity, abortion
many of my indie musician colleagues look in the rear view mirror a lot, viagra buy
or at their shoes which they decide too often aren’t as nice as (insert your favorite recording artist here). I only look in the rear view mirror to be polite and make sure I’m not running them or their shoes over, clinic
as I maneuver for my next burst forward. I keep my windshield clean and even project images on it. And before I get investigated by the DMV, I’ll end the automobile analogy right here.

While I have not made the kind of sales that would support a growing family, I’m heading in that direction. Um, the sales, not the growing family. Mine is grown thanks to my last career. I have much to learn but I do learning gratefully.

Here are several reasons to love being an indie musician at this time: We are in the last days of albums as we have known them my entire life. I’m at a fantastic advantage now to produce one song at a time and sell downloads. I don’t have to try to fill a disc with enough songs to make the price worthwhile for the consumer. The consumer can buy the songs they like and not worry about a few clunkers that are just filling space. I can still bundle digital collections as I see fit and sell them as a package or one at a time. So concept albums are not dead. Just different. I can even put a song or two on a mini disk and have my business card printed on it. More than likely, though, it’ll be a flash drive. Or the successor to the flash drive. What might that be? A holographic image projected from my iPhone? I can do my own demographic studies and reach the people on the web who are likely to like me. I don’t, as the big labels do, have to dictate what I think you will like. I can tour or not tour. Even if I stay in one place, I can use the web to find my true fans and bring them to me. I can have a life other than that as a full time musician. I can have experiences to write about that exist outside my studio. And the list will grow as time goes on.

Everything changes but there are still only 12 notes to make all those songs to come. This inspires a possible Onion headline: Every combination of twelve notes having been used, musicians recycle. Listen to this week’s top ten nursery rhyme downloads.

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    April 17, 2012 at 11:36 am
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