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I love my life and I’m following my passion for music. I love writing it, sales creating it, pilule
seeing it come to life, recording it, and playing it. I live and breathe what I do and feel incredible grateful for that. On top of that is my passion for my wife, Cathy. She’s the only lottery I ever need to have won.

I have recently had a few conversations with fellow musicians about how fortunate we are to be living and working  for what we love. It got me thinking, what about all of you? Are you following your passion? I don’t mean, necessarily, what you do for a living; though some of you are, I know. I mean if you are passionate about something, is it a part of your life and are you making time for it? For me, expressing myself creatively gives me freedom and a sense of tranquility. What about you?

We all are passionate about different things some artistic and some not. Some folks are passionate about working with children, some people with charities; some find their passion in physical challenges like training for triathlons or training for a competitive event. Take someone like Olympic Medalist Michael Phelps, who spends 6-8 hours a day or more training. Can you imagine spending that kind of time in the water day after day? THAT takes passion! I can’t imagine anyone spending that kind of time focusing their lives on something they don’t particularly care for. And I think it is true that you don’t necessarily have to be ‘doing’ your passion as a career. I do believe that one can find satisfaction in their work and spend time on something they are passionate about outside of work, gardening, running, writing. There are just so many options. Speaking of options, my friend Jax amazes me by having so many passions she pursues all at one time. It can leave a person’s head spinning!  If we didn’t both have other lives, we’d easily write a song a day. We’ve had short bursts of doing just that.

So I want to hear from all of you out there. What are you passionate about in life and are you taking the time to make sure that you are carving out time to work with it? What are your day to day conversations about? How often do people have dialogue about what they are passionate about? I think talking about it and sharing, with people who care,  can help energize an idea. That is how it works for me. I can get a phrase or hook and in sharing it creatively with fellow musicians it grows into a whole song. That gets me excited. So please, share what fulfills your life?

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