You Are Cordially Invited to the Future

This is your official invitation to the future of music and literature.  Maybe we need to coin a phrase MusiLit

BudaRest (Jax Resto and I)  is extremely busy recording, pharm gigging and promoting.  Our First Rock eBook is getting closer to publication this spring.  The biggest hurdle is putting the finished product in front of buying fans.  We need a little capital for that.  So we started a Kickstarter program. We are paying for the recording ourselves.  Most musicians ask for 5 grand to record.  We decided to do that without help but it leaves us no capital to promote Jax Resto’s thoroughly entertaining (even for older adults) YA novel with our, to quote Jax, “Awesome tunes”  embedded right in the eBook.

  • You can get a variety of rewards by supporting us on
  • You can kick in as little as $1 and get a song download.
  • You can get the whole collection and the eBook itself.
  • You can get your name mentioned in the book or in a song we will write.
  • You can be an executive producer or have your business mentioned in the book.
  • We will even write a song about you.
  • The top reward is a house concert in your home if you live in Florida.

Everybody can afford a dollar. You can’t even get a good cup of coffee for a buck and it won’t last you a lifetime like our songs will.  So here’s the link to look over our project and decide if you want to be part of the future of music and literature.  We are cutting edge and you can live on that edge with us.  Click Here please!

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