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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Ashlee, Eminem, Emotional Civil War

Another good recording session with Mark last night. Two songs to go and this CD is ready for mastering and printing.
I don't think much of Ashlee Simpson's game but I really hate to see performers beat up so badly. Performing is difficult enough without having to endure the criticism of legions of people whose only talent is to criticize other people. She couldn't be further from what I do but if I can forgive certain loved ones from voting the way they do, I can cut this young chica some slack. If her fans like her, who cares? I don't and I don't.
Eminem is actually an easier target but I have to extend my "be nice to hard working performers" policy to even this wannabe ghetto youth. It's hard for old white guys to understand the message of a baggy pants grabbing his crotch as some sort of exclamation point but as long as he gets some actual ghetto youths to vote, that's not a bad thing. That's a good thing. The first amendment guarantees our right to make a video of ourselves touching our privates for emphasis while screaming barely intelligible lyrics into a microphone. I'll defend that right to the death. Especially if it gets some people to vote even though their registration cards may be ripped up by you know who. If they try and lose, they have a few years to show their outrage, hopefully by filling out the card completely and voicing their opinions at the next polling opportunity.
About half of us are going to have to live with an election result we won't like after next week. I think we need to start practicing now to contain either our gloating or our intense anger. Mathematically, every other person you meet is going to feel the opposite way you do. So we all have to suck it up or risk a civil war of the emotions. Emotional turmoil leads to good art and I think we're in for a lot of that no matter who wins because nobody will have a clear mandate. Art is way better than blowing yourself up to make a point.

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