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Friday, October 29, 2004

Free Music Lessons in Sarasota, Earn Money Too

Getting useful feedback on the CD clips I posted on my web site. Starting to see trends that I won't tip off just yet as I know many people are still ruminating about entering the contest.
I agreed to become the organizer of the Sarasota Musicians Meetup group. I have high hopes for turning this into a group of people who can help each other find gigs and sell CD's. The power of numbers can be harnessed here. We need to find some venues and someone who will work toward finding them and getting us booked in them. I'm thinking an initial pooled investment to advertise for a part time position. Or a couple of part timers. They would work for percentages of gigs and unlimited free music lessons.
I'm going to be seeking some older students who want free guitar lessons in return for an internship with me. They would have to have good personalities and good appearance. They would sell my CD at gigs, collect e-mail addresses at gigs and help with promotion. This is also an idea I would urge members of my group to employ.
Doing more business than music lately. Friday is a music day. Teaching lessons too.

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