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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Long Gray Line of Florida Voters and Fooling the Fat Gremlins

We voted early yesterday. Florida is one of those vote early states. The logic being, I suppose that if you couldn't get it right in one day, now you have about 15 of them to screw it up, manipulate it and hand it to your brother. I've heard some people complaining that this election might be decided by the legions of lawyers who are watching the polls and monitoring the various already reported registering/voting irregularities. Not sure this is a bad thing as long as it comes out on the side of the people who are getting turned away, having their registration cards shredded, or having their vote lost in the Dibold cyberspace. The lines were nearly an hour long. It was a long gray line. Mostly retired folks, that is. Poll workers said it has been that way every day since polls opened last week. I wonder if that means there will be a huge turnout when it's all over. Or if retired folks just have nothing else to do during the day. This is Florida, however, and I have no confidence the vote will be counted accurately or fairly. That's all I'll say on the subject, however, as I promised myself not to get political in this Blog. Or Religious, which these days is the same thing. Oops.
Lots of hits on my web site yesterday to take advantage of my free CD giveaway contest. Still time to get in on that. Click the flashing icon on the left of this page or click here. Got some nice comments. Even from people I don't know. Education never stops. Haven't heard from the nun community yet, though. If such a thing still exists.
Report from diet central: it seems you can get away with taking one day a week off from the diet exercise dungeon. My weight did not go up with the eat fest of Sunday and the lack of cardio exercise yesterday. I think the fat gremlins in my body got faked out. Just when they thought they were in hog heaven again they got zapped with a 1100 calorie day, an hour of yoga and an intense bike ride with my heart in the fat burning zone for the better part of an hour. So that's my newest strategy. Keep the little fat cell cretins guessing.

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