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Saturday, October 30, 2004

More on Guitar Lessons in Sarasota/Venice

Back to teaching lessons Yesterday. Now I remember what I missed. Nothing more satisfying than giving somebody new information they can use. Yeah, I know, I did that for a living for 34 years and retired. Do I miss it? Yes and no. In classroom teaching you seldom get direct feedback. You have to remind the students that they didn't know something before you taught them. They admit it grudgingly sometimes or not at all. They often forget years later that you had anything to do with it. That just goes with the territory. So it's unbelievably uplifting on those occasions when an old student gets back to you and lets you know you did something useful for them.
Teaching guitar, especially to songwriters like my student Jim, is almost instant gratification. We work on things he can do to improve his song, he does it, he leaves smiling and returns for more. I think one thing I can add to that service is recording demos and duplicating them for him to use. Another new service brought to you by...
I've nearly come to a decision to buy the equipment to duplicate my own CD's. This would make it easier for me to distribute my product and to create new products in the form of EP's I can use as various rewards. Also it would be a handy service for my guitar students who are interested in distributing their own music.
If Osama Bin Laden's recent appearance and interjection into this election actually has an effect on it either way, what might we expect next? American advertising agencies will offer him clandestine contracts to make videos endorsing or not endorsing their products? Record companies will get him to publish his own top 40? He will be offered an unofficial secret cabinet post by the winning side?

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