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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Blow Up the Song and Dance Man Santa

Another foray into Wal*Mart for last minute stuff. The notion of saving time there is laughable. And if time is money I think I'd rather spend the extra shekels to avoid being run over by a dizzying array of desperation vehicles, motorized Rascals and shopping carts out-of -controlled by people who should be required to pass a test to use them. The singing/dancing Santa robot there is SO annoyingly obnoxious. If I had to work there like the poor lady who is stationed 10 feet away in the flower booth, I might have to run a help wanted ad for a terrorist. Christmas commercialism is really quite enough to turn me off from this time of the year for good. Somehow I rally, though.

My CD is ready and I'm shipping. HoHo Ho. This is NOT a Christmas promotion, but I am going to charge for postage after the holiday. I spent most of yesterday mailing those things. The real promotion starts in January when I pound the coffee house circuit (most notably Stir the Soul), my dinner gig at Althea's and whatever else I come up with. But I will have to start charging for shipping after Christmas.

Another trek into still more stores today. They tend to drive me out before I'm finished. I can't seem to build enough stamina to endure even a mini marathon of shopping. Even a one-stop to buy wrapping is like a 5K run to me. I return home exhausted and decidedly pissy. Ah, the loneliness of the long distance shopper.

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