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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Cold Snap Won't Stop This Guitarist

Another day, another big CD mailing and a list of chores I must do before I spend some quality time on music. It's unreasonably cold and I can't figure out how to make the air conditioning system start pumping some heat. That's how unused to chilly weather Southwest Florida is; even the heat pumps are confused. Below 72 is the Florida definition for unreasonably cold, by the way. Or at least my definition. I actually found a pair of corduroys and a flannel shirt that I kept for what, sentimental value? My virtual "I Love New York" logo?

I could easily blow the Althea's gig off tonight but I'm looking forward to the challenge. A heat-producing hand condom of some sort would be useful. A Holofiber rubber glove that fits like skin would do the trick. I think I can solve this one, though. They actually have gas logs under my tent. So I'll stay as close to that as I can, use my little 100 watt Trace amp instead of the big PA and play to what will most likely be a very small crowd. If anybody out there invents that glove, I want a cut for the idea. You can't hide from me!

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