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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Cue the Crash Music

Organizing musicians may turn out to be like being in a band with all frontmen. I'm trying to organize a Sarasota Musicians Meetup. Lots of people are listed. Nobody shows. Nobody has met anybody. I notice this phenomenon on the Tribe too. Hundreds of submissions of new music. You can count the responses from other musicians on one hand most of the time. But I will persevere. It's important for us to get together. I've met some astoundingly generous musicians in other ways. It's just hard to get them out when they're not working.

Waiting in a very nice local Panera Bread for people to show up and Meetup, I naturally got to focus yet again on the piped in Christmas music and people's reactions to it. This time it was more a background to what was going on. The music didn't seem to effect people as much as in my last observations. But it made a wonderful score for one little drama I witnessed. With the one guy who reacted to the music.

A man in a Santa hat bounced in time to Brenda Lee's Jingle Bell Rock, a huge novelty in the 50's. So overdone today. I almost rather hear a heavy metal version just for the change up. But Mr. Santa Hat was so into it, he didn't realize he was spilling coffee and potato soup on the floor and on himself. This invited scorn and disgust from his wife who was sitting and trying to get out of the way of this impending scalding Niagara. And he is just one more spill away from becoming a snarling, cursing Santa. He holds it together, however, and bounce-steps off to get napkins. On his return he slips and falls in the mess he intended to clean up. As if in a movie, the impact came nearly on the last beat of Jingle Bell Rock. And as if ordered by a music director for the same flick, Mr. Santa Hat struggled to his feet under a barrage of wifely verbal abuse and began to feel his butt for what the rest of the restaurant patrons could see was a lumpy wet tan stain on his pants. This of course happened to the refrain, "SIMply HAVing a WONderful Christmas time..."

It IS beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

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