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Friday, December 24, 2004

The Dangerous Lives of Mimes

Here's a major difference in cultures for you from Boingboing. The city of Bogota, Columbia has hired street mimes to shame traffic violators. And the people seem to love it. Is it just me or am I over reacting? I predict that if they did that here, some enraged driver would run up a sidewalk to squash such a mime. Especially one who had the audacity to make fun of his horn-blowing, hand-jesturing, bumper-tapping behavior. There isn't a bigger patron of the arts than me but I don't want anybody mocking me in public. Even when I was teaching the kids had the courtesy to do it behind my back. Most of the time. Mimes live dangerous lives in this country, I think.

I could probably use a mime, though, to help me avoid eating a lot a bad stuff this holiday. An obnoxious little pastey-faced creep in suspenders making piggy faces at me if I reach for a cookie or five. It took me 8 months to even get around to trying to drop my Christmas fat from last year. I'm not gonna pork up this time. It may be hard in Puerto Rico however. How do you say, "How many fat grams?" in Spanish I wonder? I'd still have an unnatural desire to punch out the mime however. And this coming from a lifelong pacifist.

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