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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Holiday/Christmas Song

It's that time of the year to brush up on or learn some new Holiday/Christmas songs that don't annoy the living crap out of too many people. Everything you do in this category will send a shiver up the spine of somebody who happens to be stuck listening. Even the most cheerful and harmless secular seasonal tune is guaranteed to piss somebody off. Cool jazz progressions can't guarantee that somebody's heavy emotional baggage will not drag them into depression as I do the pathetic-white-guy-NatKingCole thing.

It's truly a wonderful season for many people. I believe, however, that there are at least as many who fight deep despondency over the sounds, sights and smells that confront our senses beginning, these days, with the end of Halloween. It often lasts up until the last diehard neighborhood elf family finally takes down their lawn decorations after the Super Bowl.

I'm totally neutral on the whole celebration thing. The over commercialization annoys me the most. As for the music, a lot of it was never that good to begin with and what's left has been done to death. Still, I can find nearly 10 songs I don't mind performing once a year. My good friend Helen Avakian has written and recorded a couple of really nice ones. But I don't think I will attempt to write something for this genre. It's the passion thing. It would be insincere of me to write something I have such ambivalent feelings about. A bit like writing commercial jingles. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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