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Saturday, December 04, 2004

Music Music Music

It's mostly about music and what inspires me, Google! I mentioned the word "birth" once long ago and all Google does is feed childbirth ads to by web site. I'm not a midwife, I never gave birth, although I was present at the birth of both my children. I've written to Google Adsense about this and even allegedly blocked certain sites from my Blog, all to no apparent avail. Is it only my screen that continues to show these ads? I've refreshed, shut down, restarted, unplugged, everything but hit my CPU upside the hard drive with a microphone stand. If there is anybody out there who is seeing different ads than I am, I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

I'm resisting subtitling this next section The Rhythm Method because who knows what Google will put on my ad links. But I'm listening to the rhythms of stuff around me to get beat patterns for new tunes. The dripping of water from my hot tub to my pool is a neat one. Bird calls are also a good resource. Construction guys all have their own rhythm when they use those nail guns. My early recording inadvertently had some of that on early tracks before I changed my recording schedule. Machinery of all sorts can be inspiring.

Song Writing
My guitar student, Jim, keeps coming in with very good songs he has written. I really love the small amount of collaboration I can offer in fleshing out the guitar parts. This is something I really enjoy doing. So I'm seeking developing song writers to work with in this manner. Ideally, people who need some more guitar instruction and are also working on writing songs. IÕm just beginning to get back to the next collaboration with my song writing pal, Kathy Feeney. Took me weeks to find where we had left off. I hope she has an ample supply of "Aquafresh," her sometimes muse. We have a lot of work to do.

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