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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Need Some Hot Music

Temperatures below 70 have become intolerable to me. I should put the song Heat Wave into my act as an incantation when I have to endure an evening of 68 degrees. Or even that old Peggy Lee much-covered tune Fever. Please comment if you can remind me of other heat related songs.

A lot of my gigs are outside under a covering of one kind or another. Snowbirds from the midwest dominate this west coast of Florida. So 68 is a very warm night indeed for these folks. I'm out there with a thermal undershirt and trying to keep my fingers warm on my music stand light. Most of my patrons, on the other hand, are in shorts and mopping sweat with their Ohio University hankies.

I did a gig at the Hilton on the beach last December where I kept moving my amp closer to me for heat. I was one sea breeze away from sitting on it with a lowered mic stand. There were sea gulls threatening to cuddle up to my leg. I was trying to stay warm in the standard poolside musician attire of khakis and a Hawaiian shirt. Meanwhile there were bikini-clad people by the pool sauntering over, Coppertone in one hand and a request list in the other. "Which Jimmy Buffett song did you want to hear, miss? How about Volcano? Something to warm us up? Margaritaville again you say? Sorry I did that three times this hour already, give me another 15 minutes so we don't chase that AA meeting away."

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