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Thursday, December 02, 2004

No Turn Signals on Birds or Fish

Following Cathy down the interstate for five and a half hours at 80 MPH made me feel like a pair of geese. I wrote a song about it, naturally. Amazing how she anticipated what I wanted her to do through her rear view mirror and I was able to match her every move from lane to lane and around slower or erratic traffic. I don't think there's any huge mystery to flocks of birds or schools of fish that seem to move as one unit. I think they're just able to follow a lead much faster than humans. No turn signals on a bird or fish. Otherwise their predators would be able to figure out what they're gonna do next.

Speaking of songs, my CD is shipping next week, I'm told, so there is much greater hope that it'll be ready for Christmas. To anticipate that, I'm running a prerelease sale with free shipping from now until the end of the year. Click here or on the banner at the top of the this blog.

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