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Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sanity Is Overrated

What motivates a person to spend inordinate amounts of time satisfying their passion? What drives a person to:

spend countless hours Christmas shopping, decorating, sending cards; covering every square inch of their house, their boat, their dog with Christmas lights; to spend every moment at a party talking about the minutiae of their golf game, grip by grip, swing by swing, hook by slice, chip by by putt; to follow a sports team to the point of having their logo tattooed to their ass, painted on their car, engraved on personal belongings; to collect knick knacks that cover more space than is available in their house; to rescue animals to the point of risking rabies; to spend every waking moment writing songs, thinking of songs to write, playing new songs, learning old songs, performing songs, talking about all of the above.

We all probably regard each other as seriously obsessed. And perhaps disturbed. Sanity is overrated. It's more of an ideal than a reality. And that is a song. It's already written and copyrighted. But highly political in nature so it won't emerge just yet as these times are too overly charged with political tension as it is.

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