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Monday, December 06, 2004

Singer /Thong-Writer

I have to say I'm delighted that I have a store where you can get a Feel My Love T-shirt, Teddy Bear or thong, among other tasteful gifts. Having my name on a T-shirt or Teddy Bear or baby bib is a fun idea. I'm not sure how to classify the feeling I get when I think of my name on a thong. I couldn't resist adding it to my store, however. The thought of having the words "Feel My Love" there are amusing in a debauched sort of way. The thought of my name being there as well is so totally irreverent and outlandish it both cracks me up and prompts me to look for an excuse. Like, I was drunk or it wasn't my idea or I thought a thong was one of those things you wear on your feet on the way to the shower. But I have no such excuse. And besides, the Bonobo Family is on all this stuff too. So you know I was just monkeying around.

It's my mother's 88th birthday yesterday. She's 88 and cute as can be. A thong would be SO inappropriate for her. Perhaps a refrigerator magnet or a baseball cap.

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