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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Why They Have Tanning Salons in Florida

I'm becoming a shut-in. Meals on Wheels may need to deliver a protein shake to me. I'm computer-bound. I've been picking up my guitar for approximately a hour a day. That's about 20% of what I used to do. Getting web presence is very time consuming. I'm sure there is a medical condition caused by over telecomputing and I'm at risk. I need a federal program to study this and help me out. Well, at least study it. Government agencies love to pay for studies so they can either avoid what they don't actually want to do or spend more money than is necessary to do what nobody else wants them to do.

Okay, by modern corporate standards, I'm over dramatizing. My studio/office is at least two standard cubicles big. I have full walls with a very nice view if I bother to turn around and look. I can listen to music as loudly as I want while I work the web. Loudly enough to miss phone calls and door bells. Loudly enough to remove paint until Cathy wanders into my periphery cutely smiling and peasantly distracting me from time to time. You can't get that at work without being charged with sexual harassment!

I know there are a lot of other web musicians out there. I'd like to hear from some to find out what part of their lives they give up to both make music and sell it on the web. Cyber contact is important, my fellow web folks. But actual human contact where you can use all of your senses is pretty essential to writing about people. I do not want to hear music about video game characters. Ever. I have to get out more. Even if it's just to the tanning parlor.

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