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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Another Songwriting Idea

Now that the federal government has institutionalized the concept that Noah's flood created the Grand Canyon, I'm deeply concerned that the laws of gravity may be overturned by the moral majority. History is written by the winners, ya know? Although it would be fun to levitate, the suspension of gravity as we know it would make it so hard to find guitar picks and capos and such. Sheet music? Bye bye. Everything important to me would have to be fastened to my body. Hmm, everyone too. I know there's a song here. I'm just not sure I have the guts to write it. Do you? As always there is a free CD for the best attempt. If you respond in a comment please put your e-mail address right at the end of the lyric. Haloscan is not reporting e-mail addresses to me when you use their field. They seem to float away. Could it be starting? Don't forget to scroll down to see the contest from the last few days.

If there is no gravity, has there always been no gravity? Meaning we have been living the illusion of gravity all these years? THAT explains where that other sock goes. Who thinks to look up? It's all so, so Zen. Hey, isn't that un-American?

Before I get an ark-load of hate mail let me say that the Grand Canyon is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I deeply appreciate it regardless of how it was created. Apes are also very cool creatures. Quite fun to watch. It really doesn't matter to me whether or not I evolved from them. It changes nothing for me one way or the other. And I can't see why evolution can't be part of your "intelligent design." What's so intelligent about ignoring science?

The only thing that matters is how I behave in this world toward my fellow man, woman, other sentient beings. I have never needed to believe in anything that allegedly happened two thousand years ago or more in order to get me to behave well. I've always been nice to people because I can see their pain when I'm not. And sometimes I'm not. But I don't believe that tithing my income, or attending any rituals have anything to do with my decisions to be a good guy or a jerk. All good guys are recovering jerks regardless of what they believe. So all jerks are potential good guys, one would hope. Gotta be a song in there, don't you think? But those last two lines are mine. Leave them alone. Go create your own cliche'.

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