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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bird Land

One reason why I love living in Florida, besides the fact that it's 80 today and my old school is having a snow day: There were seven enormous storks in my yard yesterday. Today there are at least ten. I'm not sure any women of child bearing age live around here so I hope I'm not pregnant. How to turn this into a song? Rocking Robin, Counting Crows, songs about bluebirds, Blackbird singing in the dead of night, Freebird. I'm having difficulty thinking of a lyric about a cool looking bird that only rhymes with fork, pork, dork and, oh yeah, Bjork. They look very cool when they glide and very, well, dorky, when they walk. They have a surprisingly sweet little call like a smaller bird, I think. Or perhaps there was a mockingbird nearby who is also a ventriloquist.

But stork is not a pretty sounding word to begin with. So if you began with "Ten storks glide in on the sunrise..." It might as well be, "Ten Volkswagens glide in..." Some things just don't easily lend themselves to pretty lyrics. At least to my ear. Chevy comes up in a few okay songs and I even know one with Corvair but not Oldsmobile. I'm not talking about country tunes now which have their own set of rules when it comes to praise of the mundane. Monkey could probably work okay in a lyric if used as a descriptor but not orngoutang or even my beloved bonobos, the most loving apes of all.

Some of my most amusing observations could only be used in novelty songs. But Dave Berry is out of business now. First Gary Larson and now Dave. The world may be screaming for humorous songs about storks or bonobos, who knows?

Happy Birthday to Riane Benson and my cowriter Kathy Feeney, both enjoying a snow day in NY.

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