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Saturday, January 22, 2005

CD Release Party Tonight

Lots of little details to work out for tonight's party at Stir the Soul Coffee House. Not the least of which is setting up the sound so that people can hear outside as well as in. Nobody should be surprised that I'm NOT going to have some MTV VJ hairdo or wear leather chaps and a Feel My Love Bonobo Thong. I may be too busy and preoccupied today to remember underwear but I know I'll be covered in some respectable fashion.

It should be fun on a lot of levels. Fun to see how people my age and older react to my own music. Last night, at Althea's in stark contrast to the night before (see yesterday's Blog) the old folks loved me. One sweet old lady named Mary Jane even bought my CD. She asked me if I could play any of that "Oh his name skips my mind, that Canadian fella." I took a shot at Gordon Lightfoot and was relieved to find I was right. I didn't want to suggest Barenaked Ladies thinking the name would seem offensive to her. But she asked me to play Sundown, a song about a whore. I was happy to oblige and slightly amazed.

I'm not sure I can figure out this whole what to play for whom puzzle. I even had a couple of old ladies ask me for Grateful Dead last season at Althea's. I wish I could have come up with "Bertha Don't Come Around Here Anymore" but had to settle for "Driving That Train High on Cocaine." They loved it. The only lesson is that you just can't stereotype people on their age and appearance. I'm gonna put it all out of my mind and just do what I do. Sing it and they will come. Gradually I'll get a better idea of who "they" are.

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