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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Click Yourself a Boxcar

Google forces me to be careful not to mention so much. Otherwise an ad for the strangest things appear next to this Blog. Today it is a strange bird I mentioned yesterday. I don't want to mention it again because today I learned you can actually rent them from at least two locations on the web. Honest. Click it and see. Any further mention is sure to turn this Blog site into Strange Items R Us. Once again I'm tempted to write a silly novelty song. But life seems so full of this kind of stuff that it can be nothing but cliche'. I'll resist the urge. But that gives me an idea...

I think I have to resign myself to the fact that the so-called intelligent Google Adsense program is mildly retarded. But they make money by the boxcar load. I think some of those container ships I see off the coast are carting dollar bills to Google. So I'm going to test this system and add something totally un-Bud every day in my blog. I want to see what weirdness Google puts up. Then I urge you to click each of these ads just once. This will give me a few cents and it will be a form of cultural spam-back, if you will. Okay so within a day or two I fully expect to see ads relating to boxcars, container ships, shipping in general. I wonder if cruise ships will be included? Go click them. I wonder if the more you click them the longer they stay on the site? Let's test the system.

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