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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Find Your Audience

Went to see Joe Cocker last night in Clearwater. Dave Mason opened for him. Very enjoyable show in a terrific venue, the Ruth Eckerd Auditorium. Dave Mason is a superb songwriter. Or was. I can't say I have heard anything he wrote after the seventies. Maybe he wrote some more killer tunes but I was out of music for 15 years so who knows. Joe Cocker has copenned a few tunes but none that I can recognize. He sure makes a lot of money for other songwriters though. So here we have two Rock n' Roll Hall of Famers doing 3000 seat venues and regardless of what they've done lately, they are expected to play the old stuff. And they happily oblige.

There must be some cruel percentage of artists who never even get to make more than a lower middle class living. I'm grateful I never had to depend on it. I am one charmed dude. I think I'll make a late resolution to never bitch about getting requests to perform the same old Florida songs night after night. I'm not mentioning any names here because anybody doing a Google search would be disappointed if they landed here. I think you know who I mean. Besides you have to have a certain amount of awe for somebody who can develop a cult following around a bar drink and a cheeseburger. I wonder if he ever gets tired of singing them? I guess not. It's not quite like working an assembly line because people are cheering and flashing and giving him lots of money. And the mundane icons he puts up are sacred to certain mentalities so I'm not even gonna try to get all intellectual about it. One man's high art is another man's kitchiness, after all.

The lesson here is no matter how ordinary your best or worst song is and no matter how average your performance is, there are people out there who will love you. You just have to find them. I'd tell you how but I'm still looking.

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