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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Generosity of Musicians

There were no laughs when I read Steve Martin's eulogy for his friend Johnny Carson in this morning's NY Times. I was struck by his noting how generous Johnny was to other comedians who performed on his show. I've been very fortunate to have been treated that way by a number of working musicians. Pros who encouraged me, gave me a shot at their audience, offered kind words and advice. There have been very few scoundrels. At least that I'm aware of.

I list some of the good guys and gals here not so much for name recognition but as a list of things we all need to do for each other.

First of all, Helen Avakian, my last and best full time guitar teacher understood how to handle me. The hardest person to teach is a teacher and Helen understood that perfectly and gave me what I wanted and needed while at the same time taking a firm hand in giving me what she knew I needed. It's clear that without Helen, there is no Bud Buckley the musician.

Davis Turner and Pam Turner. Davis generously insisted I perform during his gigs at O'Kanes on Amelia Island when I was petrified. Pam simplified how to follow him during jams by calling out the chords while she played her five string bass behind me and taught me the Nashville number system. These two pushed me down the slope after Helen took me to the top. I'm having a fun ride.

John Kaminski of Dos Guitars on Amelia Island. John always welcomed me to sit in with him. He also taught me some lead fills and gave me more encouragement than he could ever realize.

Leslie Ritter gently showed me what I could do to hit the notes I never could before I learned to breathe. I still think she breathes through some hidden orifice. I'm beginning to understand things she told me three years ago that I didn't quite get then. Her lessons stick with me and I crave more. Maybe if I stay in New York a bit longer in April or June...

My former students who were and still are good musicians. They encouraged me to pick it all up again. They are prominently mentioned on my CD. Kathy Feeney, my co-writer, is prominent in this group because she always connected with my writing, encouraged my writing and finally collaborated. She clearly "got me" and encouraged me from when she was only nine years old.

There have been a number of local musicians who have been extremely generous. Joey Lavaley and Mark Rom of the Bayou Brothers, encouraged me and Joey gave me a mini set during his gig at Sharkeys. I needed his confidence at that time. BB Ward, welcomed me to his open mic stage at Good Times in Sarasota and joined me during my first gig at Bamboo, giving me support. BB was always encouraging. The big group of musicians at Stir the Soul Coffee House are too numerous to mention for their warmth and support. One standout, though is Ed Coleman of the Gunn Runners and Acousticats. Ed has been extremely helpful, friendly and encouraging. Adjusting my sound at VIP, buying my CD and just being warm and friendly at times I needed it in a new crowd.

I hope all fledgling musicians run into people like this. I hope you all will spread that generosity to others.

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