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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The Inner Game of Music

Yoga followed by a gig. That's the ticket. Thank you, Nancy Zampella! If I ever get big enough to play bigger places where I would need a performance contract, a place to do Yoga will be in that contract. My spirits were elevated, my energy was peak. I was of course relaxed and centered. Last night I hosted Open Mic at Stir the Soul. So I didn't have to lug and set up my equipment. That activity alone can knock the yoga right out of you. Okay, so now I need roadies too. The hell with groupies.

I'm going to yoga three or four times a week now. It certainly cuts into my practice and writing time but it makes a huge difference in the quality of my life and its effects have snuck up on me. I need to listen to my body better and find just a few positions that can get me performance ready in about ten minutes. That is my quest today. But I found my copy of Barry Green's The Inner Game of Music and that will do just fine for now. It's inner yoga. MUST reread that. I highly recommend that serious musicians and students read it yearly as your goals evolve and your experience deepens. I will never understand how people perform drunk or stoned. Imagine the genius if they were straight.

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