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Friday, January 07, 2005

Need for CD Reviews

Saw "Beyond the Sea" Wednesday night. Kevin Spacey was amazing. Very unique story construction. The critics' reaction leads me to believe that critics are small minded vindictive jerks. That scares me a bit. I've submitted my CD for a review which will eventually appear on and I hope I get more fair treatment than a lot of professional performers of various genre get. The reviews I find the most useful are from regular folks. I have a bunch I have to put up on but would love to see more. If you've heard my clips and like them, I wish you'd take a minute to post something on

Rumba lessons. Quick Quick Slow. How does that translate over 1 and 2 and 3 and 4? It's like learning to teach the New Math for me. I once took Texas Two Step Lessons. It was humiliating to learn I couldn't accurately or reliably count to two. And dance at the same time. Especially since they can even do it in Texas. A little geocentric humor. Go ahead, make a Florida joke. Or a New York joke.

First of the season regular gig at Althea's last night. No ads equal a small turnout. Then I hurried across the bridge for Songwriters' Showcase at Stir the Soul Coffee House. I don't perform that well when I'm that tired. I know some performers feel they do better when they're tired. I don't get it. Jamaica was hosting and dosed out on benadryl. She was still terrific.

I've invited about a hundred people to my CD Release Party, Jan. 22 at STS. You don't need an invite to come. I'll buy you a cup of Jo if you do.

More publicity chores today. Two guitar students, two neighborhood parties and a dinner gig at Althea's, all before 9pm. Maybe if I wasn't retired, I'd have less to do? Nah.

Okay, once again, scroll down over the last few days to check out the song writing contest.

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