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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Now That School is Out, Learn to Learn

Know your learning style and work with it. As adults we have that luxury. As school kids we were oblivious to why our grades appeared on top of tests. Even if we understood how we learned things, we were powerless to point that out to our teachers. Sr. Mary Confusing or not. Good teachers try to learn this about their students but are usually very limited as to how to deal with all those individual learning styes and still remain sane and off of the mentally disabled list.

We can observe ourselves by setting goals on paper, reviewing them daily and evaluating our progress about monthly. What we would learn about our learning style would enable us to adjust our goals and our methods for reaching them. This is what I live by. I'd accomplish little without this behavior. Without this, I'd be packing bags in the super market. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

For me the hardest things are non-linguistic and have to be done over and over with a lot of reflection and study. And if I start to "get it" I must revisit it again and again to make it stick. The greatest obstacle to this process is over confidence and fear of work. Maybe they are the same thing. Knowing this about myself is key.

Here's a place where you might begin to learn about your learning style. The site also has a variety of other fun and useful self tests. It's not a $150 an hour shrink but it's a good start for free.

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