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Monday, January 10, 2005

Songs About Girls

Fark has alerted me to what might be the truth behind the Sister Mary Confusing Complex. Boys fall behind girls, a news story reports. I spent a lot of years teaching elementary school. Girls were usually easier to teach. The ones who were bad were very bad, however. A few give me nightmares. Recently a boy who was very hard to teach and deal with got in touch with me and we buried the hatchet. And it wasn't in my forehead! When he was ten he, or one of his friends, asked me if I liked girls better. I think I admitted I did because they were less trouble.

Girls talk to me a lot more easily than boys do. So I have more ease in writing about girls and their points of view at times. Windswept Girl, More Than I Want, The Part That Doesn't and To Be Alone being prime examples. Also I'm all too familiar with how a lot of guys think and behave when it comes to girls.

But it is true what this article says about classrooms not meeting the learning styles of boys. They do favor the style of girls pretty heavily. I knew it when I was teaching but found that I didn't multitask well enough to split myself into parts and give everybody exactly what they needed. So it was by far easier and more efficient, given my meager talents, to aim toward the style of the girls. Even still, I hear from a lot of kids who specifically tell me they like the job I did. While the majority are girls, the boys who do get in touch with me on a regular basis are mostly guys who had some learning problems and are were classified special education. I have no idea what I did right for them. If I knew, I would have done more of it. Some things you learn too late to capitalize on except for what it does for your ego, I guess. But this story has me thinking about how I might express the point of view of boys who have to contend with what even an un-nun such as myself, throws at them in the classroom. Sr. Mary Confusing was a start but more needs to be said.

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