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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Songwriter's Challenge

Win my new CD (Feel My Love) if you can write the best lyric around any of the following articles from Fark. You have to write at least a verse and a chorus. Tie Breaker: if it's not a country tune you win in the event of a tie.

On the Sauce. Surely this can be used at least as an event in a song about love gone bad. An old lady in Japan beats her husband to death with a sauce bottle. If it's a central point in a chorus, it's a country tune I think. Resist the urge to rhyme sauce with Santa Claus. A country tune is okay but the real challenge is to not go that way.

Stuck in Lodi Again. Now I know what John Fogerty was singing about! There are many many ideas in this collection of idiotic police calls in Lodi, California. I'm going to work on this bunch myself.

Post your lyric in the comments and be sure to include an e-mail address and a name to credit. I'll post all the best ones on this Blog.

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