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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Songwriting Contest and CD Release Party

I wonder how out of over 200 people who have read this blog yesterday, only one person has taken a crack at the song writing contest. I know a bunch of you are songwriters. This is just for fun, folks, not for a Grammy nomination. I'm gonna remind you every day.

My first CD Release Party is at Stir The Soul Coffee House in Venice on Saturday, January 22 at 8pm. If you're from southwest Florida, I hope you'll attend. Send me your address and I'll send you a discount coupon. Stir the Soul is a terrific little place that has mushroomed in the first year of it's existence. I never fail to see and hear good entertainment there.

A new coffee and wine bar on Venice Island is Bella Luna, on the corner of Miami and Nokomis Avenues. I'm going to be a regular there every fourth Saturday from 7 to 9, starting January 29. Already a good selection of artists are performing there with a different one each week. This place also serves tasty food. Wraps and other treats.

And of course, my long time gig at Althea's starts again this Thursday and Friday just around the corner from the later mentioned venue on Miami Ave. The folks at Althea's, Greg and Diane Silvia, are terrific people, warm hosts, the best people I've ever worked for. And they always send their patrons away satisfied with their fine food. I'll be there twice a week from now to April Fools Day at least. I'll probably have an informal CD Release party there as well.

Okay, enough shameless self promotion. I want to see some lyrics rolling in to this site. How can you resist writing about assault and homicide with a sauce bottle? Or one about a 14 year old receiving mash notes from Santa? Check the two previous Blogs. Then get busy. At least let me know you’re working on one.

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