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Saturday, January 29, 2005

You Really Don't Need a Weatherman...

Unheard of seismic events is not a headline I want to see. Maybe that's why it was buried. Another one I'm terrified of is that we will reach the point of no return on global warming in ten years. Not to worry, though, that got buried too. I wonder if that is being taken care of in the White House PR budget. The cover-up, that is. We know global warming isn't even an issue there. Except to deny it.

Writing songs of such events can be nearly as perilous as the events themselves. A songwriter needs to make a conscious decision not to be commercial when setting out to write a protest song or anything raising controversy. In this political climate you can nearly guarantee to cut your potential audience in half. Who knows what percent of that half even listens to music, let alone buys it?

I've seen many courageous singer/songwriters in coffee houses performing some terrific inflammatory material that will always have an audience there. And they are as tolerant of the Christian music performers as the latter are polite to them. Haven't seen any fisticuffs or heard any verbal abuse over a latte yet. At least not about music. But I'm not talking your corporate yuppie coffee houses either. So if your plan is to make a living on coffee house gigs, you will be able to get a lot off your chest through your song writing but a day job or two is essential because there is no discernible food value in free coffee.

That being said, seismic, meteorological and environmental events both present time and near future should help us to sense dive into our greatest fears. It is down that well than we need to dip and scoop for feelings and images that can lead to powerful lyrics. The coolest most effective protest song is one that has a powerful effect on people and they don't really know what your motivation is. Most people don't really want to know what your position is on the news of the day. But they'll latch on to your feelings if you find the right words and images and set them up against the right melodies and rhythms. If they feel the way you do they may eventually come to think the way you do as well.

My newer lyrics are SO going to need a rewrite.

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