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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Dangerous People

Writing a song about a specific person is very hard. And potentially dangerous. Usually you want the person to remain anonymous. You want them to remain friendly, refrain from spreading ugly rumors about you and not take a contract out on your life. It's really best to write about composite characters. Sister Mary Confusing is a composite. So is the Windswept Girl. Nearly all of my songs are about composite characters. A notable exception is Feel My Love which is solely about my wife, Cathy. I've since written others for her, that are unrecorded. Sitting On the Wind is one. I'll post it below. You've recently seen my song for my daughter, How That Feels.

I strongly advised my co-writer, Kathy Feeney, to either claim a composite or deny that her Stargazer is about anyone in particular. Consequently she wouldn't even tell me who she was thinking about. Her newest, Open Shore, is apparently just random thoughts generated while using a strong mouthwash. The mouthwash as muse phenomenon is yet undocumented in the annuls of American songwriting. The girl can probably patent that. Or at least get an endorsement deal from Aqua Fresh. Vernon Grope, are you paying attention?

First draft lyrics pop out of me pretty fast once I have a starting point. That's the problem with the single person lyric. You have to find a summarizing statement about a person you know. And if you're gonna let them know it's about them, it better be one damn complimentary statement. Unless, of course, it's about a politician. In which case, I wonder if you can claim the effort as a donation to the opposing side?

So it may be easier to start with a list of ideas about your person. Or actions that are a defining feature. Physical features can work too. Long Tall Sally, Boney Maroni, Lola, Angel Eyes, don't make me list all of them here.

The following song is actually about my wife and I driving five and a half hours in separate cars. My gig equipment and baggage do not fit in one car. It's the only time I'm allowed to drive that fast and change lanes and pass. That is, when she's leading in a separate car. It became very much like the flight of birds who flock. Pelicans are my favorite to watch. They anticipate each other's moves and do it in unison. And it all looks effortless. Just sitting on the wind.

Sitting on the Wind
Copyright 2005 Bud Buckley

Birds in flight, sitting on the air
Dipping our wings to take us where
We find our wordless way on the wind
Only touching the earth to send
Our love out to others, sisters and brothers

Together we sit on the wind,
Together we scratch across the sky
Together we swoop and bend
Without having to ask or say why
Together, we just sit on the wind

And when nothing seems to go our way
We'll both either go or we'll both stay
To ride new rivers on the wind and rain
And to soothe each others pain
We take it together, feather for feather


We've mourned with the swan who's lonely
Felt the pain for what he's missing
But we'll always fly together and death is the only
Thing to reduce us to lonely reminiscing
Hearts beating together, souls melt to the nether

Chorus and out

posted by Bud @ 5:42 AM

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