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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Don't Miss These Blogs

Time to hump some outstanding bloggers. I keep finding more and more, giving me less time to write. So if you're one of the 100 or so who read me everyday, take a gander at these blogs. If you find me interesting, chances are you'll be floored by some of these. Most aren't music related but they give me ideas. They give me ideas. I have to have somebody to blame.

Beginning in alphabetical order is the Hawaii contingent. Becky at April Fool is deep, insightful and funny. Her blogroll list has turned me on to some amazing people. I love getting lyric insight from thirty something single chics. I have several friends in that category and other younger ones I just know are heading that way. Christine at Bitchitude, I've mentioned before and her accounts of life in a college classroom after a long layoff are hysterical. She says and does what we all wish we had done as undergraduates. She also publishes a fine photoblog of Hawaii. Her BF, Doyle at Corporate Crap, struggles with heady problems he carried over from his prior life in industry. Always a interesting read. Lately he's wrestling with an identity problem involving assholes. There are other Hawaii Bloggers who I will tell you about another time. As soon as they Blogroll me.

The Curator is a musician named Ben who has an interesting mix of media on his humorous site. Another amazing musician is Deni Bonet, The Last Girl on Earth, her music will knock you out and her blog is fall down laughing funny. Still another New York musician chick is QueenEster who's CD I bought recently and love it. I'm gonna do a review very soon, honest Ester. Vernon Grope is a British musician and self-proclaimed washed up rock star. At times I have to use a British/English dictionary to understand him but he's always extremely funny and recently reported on the state of his "old mates Crosby and Nash" and their livers. One of my guitar students and a good songwriter, Jim at MyTrueCalling often tries his lyrics out online.

In the category of funny, irreverent young ladies who just make me laugh out loud are the Discontent Malcontent, Ministry of Silly Walks and Tiny Voices in My Head.

Two very funny Chicago comics from the same neighborhood are, Andy Martello and Joe Schulenburg. It's so much fun to watch their humor and bits develop on line. if you live in Chicago, turn off the TV and go see them perform, damnit! Joe needs some help evaluating some material he's working on. Andy needs some sympathy. These guys crack me up.

Exquisite writing from Ainsley at Promiscuities and Jessica at Painting Jessica. Ainsley is writing an amazing collection of erotic stories. Jessica can give you anything from gorgeous art and photos to recipes for cherry pie, discussions on yoga and amazing erotic literature.

News related writing from Marjo Moore and Writergrrl at Right to Remain Silent. Both are fascinating and give interesting insights on how news is gathered and written. Writergrll is also web publishing chapters of her novel. There's another very funny columnist from Chicago I read and loved but forgot to bookmark. Anybody know who I'm talking about? I got her through somebody's site that I've mentioned.

I love reading about the day to day experiences and angst of a young special ed teacher Eka at Snazzykat. Keeps me rooted with the part of teaching I love the best, the kids.

That's a lot of web whoring for one post. More to come in a few days.

posted by Bud @ 5:55 AM

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