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Monday, March 28, 2005

An Easter Story

Easter has no special significance to me for many reasons I won't bore anyone with. I was born on Easter and my Birthday fell on this movable feast about three times in my life. Had I been a girl, my Mom says she would have named me Bunny instead of Bud. I really don't get the whole bunny thing. Or the Candy. Or the chicks and eggs. The bonnets? Who knows? But at various stages of my childhood, it's all that interested me about the holiday. Well, not the bonnets.

So yesterday, after my daughter and son-in-law started their trek across the state to see her Mom, Cathy and I took the opportunity between company to do some work. She started weeding the garden and got a sunburn on the small of her back. I power washed the lanai around the pool and the screen cage. I damn near killed myself. Somebody should have given us some Easter eggs for the effort. Or at least to keep us out of trouble.

I was being so careful. Every movement a study in yogic grace and form. While trying to avoid the tangle of wire and hoses and a ladder, I slipped, bounced and landed in the pool. I'm a little sore and grateful not to have broken anything. I was horrified that my cell phone was in my pocket. Naturally it died.

But in true Easter fashion, it rose from the dead three hours later. I called my Mom and told her I loved her. And she said she started walking again three weeks after her hip surgery. Lots of cool things happening in threes but Im going to stop there before congress decides to extend the presidential term to three.

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