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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mix in White Chocolate and Stir

Brief conversation with James "White Chocolate" Albritton last night. He's the most talented non-songwriter I know. Plays drums, guitar, bass and sings. Sings very well. And the boy loves R&B and funk. Hence the nickname. When Stir the Soul goes totally original music to avoid the ASCAP extortion (see ASSHAT blog from last week), James is gonna have a hard time finding gigs that he likes. Not many around here play to his groove. He fills in wherever and for whomever but he's not digging it. It's kind of like NearBeer for him, I'm guessing. I'm going to have to get him to write some tunes for my lyrics. I'll have to stretch that's for sure. Gonna have to do some homework. I wonder if my former students know I hate that word more than they do. But this kid is a talent too good to ignore.

The thing he said that caught my attention is when I mentioned how I was fascinated by how John Mayer puts so much air around his lyrics and fills it with percussive eighths. This makes his soft, sensitive lyrics rock. James, also called "Funky Boy," said, "Yeah, he doesn't need to load up on the lyrics. He hits that one chord change in-between and people think, 'Oh, that's what he means, man!'" James truly gets it. He's 22 and has more natural talent than four of anybody else I run into. Gotta make a songwriter out of him. He could take me in a different direction.

Here's a lyric I'm done with except for the never ending tweaks. It does attempt to put more air around the phrases with the music which has a beat in eighths. It's not John Mayer but he's no Bud Buckley either.

Bud Buckley Copyright 2005

She said, write me, sing me something deep, not low
She said, If you want to move me than you got to know
Some literary words, and a clever use of verbs
And If you want me you have to move me
Oh please move me, move me, move me. Move me, move me, move me
Sing me words that move me

She said, I love it when you say things I never heard before
I'm charmed beyond control by your use of metaphor
You can have me for a sonnet and a thoughtful simile
And if you want me, you have to move me
Oh please move me, move me, move me. Move me, move me, move me
Tell me words that move me

I said, look at me, darlin', dive into my eyes
My hands around her waist, my heart's of some great size
I say what I feel but I need you to just feel me
And If my words move you, well that moves me
I'll talk with my hands, and you can do me
I'll sing you deep and low, just move me
Oh please move me, move me, move me. Move me, move me, move me
Touch with words that move me
Oh please move me, move me, move me. Move me, move me, move me
Give me words that move me

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