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Friday, March 04, 2005

Musing About Homework

I've gone on and on before about not getting political or religious. Although that has become more and more the same thing. I'm totally with Andy Martello in that regard. My pal Bitchitude is running an interesting survey on this subject that takes about a minute and a half to complete. Even if you disagree with me, which is fine, you'd find answering this brief Q and A interesting. Besides, she needs it for her homework. I'm retired from teaching for 3 years and I'm still helping former students with their homework. Not to mention their social problems. That's where More Than I Want to Know comes from. But the 'tude girl isn't one of mine and she has no discernible social problems. Just a heavy college class project. Please help her out, wouldja?

My Homework assignment is always the same. Write, record, rewrite. Write about writing. Go looking for my muse. I am a vampire of sights and sounds sucking the life from everything I see and hear that interests me. So my muse is a many headed creature that sometimes bites. And sometimes it "hurts so good." Sorry, Mr. Mellencamp. But I put up with enough tight mid westerners who think the word "tip" means something you do with your John Deer hat; I deserve to steal something from one of them. Chicago people are good tippers, though, Andy. I say all that in mirth, dear neighbors, knowing full well you consider me a crazed NY liberal. Amazing how much we like each other and how well we get along, isn't it? There is hope for world peace.

My muse, as I started to ramble, is everywhere. But she often teases and leaves me. She rarely ever comes back to pass judgment. Her silence, when it comes to criticism, is deafening. So is the silence of others. You can help me with that at the end of this. My wife's outlook on things she says and feels turn up in a lot of my songs. I've written a number of them directly to her with some artistic meanderings, of course. I'll definitely keep her. If she'll keep me.

Bloggers are beginning to give me a lot of ideas. Keep that stuff coming, my friends.

Conversations I've had with lots of different kids over the years have been delicious victims to my vampiric hunting. Out and out collaboration with one of my students, Kathy Feeney, have been fruitful but slow. Hard to get stuff out of a brilliant student who plays three instruments in an orchestra, performs as an Irish step dancer, runs track and Cross Country and is at the top of her class. Oh yeah, she was homecoming queen too. Any input I get from her, lyrically, is a prized gem. Biking quickly for an hour through Venice, has been very fruitful but frustrating. I get lots of ideas when my heart beats that fast. Hard to write them down or remember them totally, however. I'm working on an electronic solution to that. Ms. Feeney has the same problem. And if I were as telepathic as she was I'd be able to recover her ideas when she blithely "scatters them in the wind for somebody else to find," as she puts it. Her last effort came while gargling Aqua Fresh. I wonder if that will appear as a Google ad here? If it does, I expect every songwriter reading this to click that ad, buy some, try it out and report to me with a mouthwash inspired lyric.

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