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Sunday, March 27, 2005

My Hit Song in the Only Place It Counts

My daughter loved the song (see last post) I wrote for her. I surprised her with it. at my gig. First time I played it anywhere. She's still my little sack of sugar powder each time I hug her, see her smile or just hear her voice on the phone. Now I really have to get busy and write one for my son. He's certainly deserving. Just a harder assignment. Cat Stevens and Tim Harding having kind of cornered the market on father/son songs. I'm not going there, believe me. It should be Alt/rock for him. A stretch for me.

Playing to an audience is so much more fun than playing to chewing people, I've come to realize. The shape of a room is crucial. So many places I've played have been in the front window by the door. Not an ideal place to concentrate on playing anything beyond cowboy chords or emote sensitive lyrics. I like seeing people's faces and sipping coffee or spirits is ever more natural to communication than cutting, stuffing, chewing and swallowing. So last night at Bella Luna Cafe was perfect. They have food there but it's mostly wraps. Hand food is much less distracting. Deja, the manager, had a policy not to make noisy blender drinks while I was performing. I told her to can that rule. Blend away, girl. I'm here to help you sell stuff. I pretend it's part of the track. My yoga training is priceless that way.

At the end of my night I was playing John Mayer's "Daughters." Three young girls strolled by all decked out in mini skirts and belly shirts. They where no more than 13. Obviously in Florida for the holiday and momentarily escaped from Granpa's house. The saw me playing through the window and started aping me and jumping around, getting a big laugh from me and my inside patrons. Then one girl stopped, put her ear up to the window, realized what I was playing and sang along with me. Very animatedly. It was adorable. We bowed to each other when I was done. I think I feel a song coming here. She sings to me silently through panes of glass. If not an exact phrase, I like the concept. Singing though pane or pain. See how my mind works?

If you're into Easter, have a good one. If you're not, steal some candy anyway. My son-in-law made me about 10 hats in different colors with embroidered on them. First time I ever had an Easter bonnet. I think I'll let Cathy wear the Pink ones.

It's still cold as hell up north and I wrote this song while thinking about the awful weather that I've permanently escaped. "Jacob's Hurricane" was written during Hurricane Charlie and this new one, "Frozen Shadows" has been warmly received despite it's subject matter, by the snowbirds who frequent my audiences.

Frozen Shadows
Copyright 2005 by Bud Buckley

Deep winter bruises after all the games, no flames distract me from my fears
No warm passion and delicious hopes have simply disappeared
Crunch of frozen mud under my boots, tires spraying salty sand
You're too far gone to come on home, frozen shadows cross the land

Frozen shadows invade my soul
Frozen shadows make harsh demand
Frozen shadows rot my heart so old
Frozen shadows cross the land. Frozen shadows 'cross the land

You don't even remember where home is, not even on your map
You're off hunting loathsome alien game, I'm bloody and dying in your trap
You could thrash and stumble right over me, step right on my hand
Not even know I'm suffering so, under your frozen shadow 'cross the land


How much longer can this last, before the sun gives me mercy?
How much cold and loneliness is considered perverse and heresy?
Isn't everything on earth supposed to come again to every man?
It's just so damn hard to smile and love with your frozen shadow 'cross the land

Chorus AND OUT

posted by Bud @ 6:29 AM

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