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Friday, March 25, 2005

Navigating Emotional Quicksand

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last set of lyrics. I've been getting very positive responses on the performance of that song and I hope to put up an MP3 before too long.

I'm constantly amazed and amused at comics who will say ANYthing to see if it'll get a laugh. That's incredible courage. I, on the other hand, sometimes need heavy assurance before I'll go public with a song. Like the lyric below, for instance.

My daughter is flying down from NY today. I wrote another song for her. The last one for her was First Time Home which I wrote just a tad too high for me. I'm kind of afraid to do this new one for her. It's very personal and basically admits I have unresolved issues regarding our separation when she was young and her social scene kept her even farther away from me than most teens. We never talked about that. I sure could use some feedback on this. She's 29, married and teaching biology. I love her to death.

Copyright 2005 Bud Buckley

She finds the meaning of life oozing 'cross a slide
Good that she can; she couldn't live on what I provide
She gives much more than it's polite to take
She says to give it all away is no mistake

And I still feel her on my lap, a little sack of sugar powder
Throws her head way back and squeals,
We'd roll around the floor, couldn't get much louder
I still remember how, I still remember how,
Yeah, I still remember how that feels

How she classifies me, I can only guess
I have her love but what about forgiveness?
I'd be her hero if I could understand
How to reach through emotional quicksand
I think my only mistake was to give her what she wanted
When she was too young to even know
I waited for her to come back, she waited for me to reach her
All that waiting, all that wanting, what did it grow?

I hope she knows now I'm a rock she can stand on
Not something that crawls out from under
So if I'm gone sooner than I planned on
I'll still be as close as lightning and thunder
Chorus and Out

posted by Bud @ 6:02 AM

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