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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Of Electronic Writing Aides and Personal Hygiene

Professional recording engineers and producers smirk, chortle and guffaw at home recordings. From my experience they're right. But indie artists have to live within budgets that are actually built around such things as the monthly costs of peanut butter, coffee, and clean undies. Nobody wants to spend 12 hours in a cramped studio with a guy who used his last clean pair a week and a half ago.
I had a meager budget by pro standards but I was fortunate enough to have amassed some good equipment and a laundry budget before I retired from teaching. I also invested a portion of my retirement next egg in a Mac G5 and ProTools a well as a course to learn how to use that amazing software.

That doesn't make me a fresh smelling recording engineer/musician. It makes me a songwriter with a fantastic tool. And clean undies. And it beat the hell out of my digital four track recorder. I did four vocal versions of "Frozen Shadows" yesterday. Sometimes the best is the first. Often, though, subsequent tracks will have sections that are superior. I then cut and paste those vocal sections like a word processor to come up with the version I want to run with. I still work up a sweat but I have that covered.

Years ago when I first started teaching kids to write on a word processor, they became better writers. That's because it was painless to make changes. It also forced them to be much more creative in their excuses too. Such as, "The dog pissed on my keyboard." or the always popular, "My brother was too busy downloading porn." I find the same thing happening with my music. The painless changes, that is. Not the pseudo techno excuses. I will tinker with what I have for about a year until I have enough songs for the next CD. Melodies and lyrics change to make a better song as I listen and rerecord. In that time they could change radically. My Blog audience may be subjected to that from time to time. My e-zine subscribers, certainly will be. That's your first official tease. It's coming.

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