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Friday, March 11, 2005

Yoga Inspired Songs or Groovasana

Two song ideas during Yoga the other day. But don't cue the sitar. I never really liked that sound in a rock song. Both ideas came in and around Shavasana, the total relaxation pose after all the gut wringing twists and Plastic Man stretches and Charles Atlas isometrics. A Shavasana has to be earned after all and a good Shavasana pays off in so many ways. My spot is usually close to the door. No particular reason other than there's a higher probability for guys to fart during yoga. But this class is at the YMCA so it's not totally hospitable to the usual yogic atmosphere. The other side of that door has a lot of conversation from people coming, going, milling around and flirting. To some people this would make the relaxation and meditation impossible. I, however, enjoy the challenge of incorporating this noise into my meditation. I am getting so Zen masterish.

Just like performing in a noisy venue. If I can sing my Make It Easy while a blender is making smoothies, I can meditate while three old guys hit on a middle aged soccer mom on the other side of the door. I can't make out one word of it, only tone and inflection and laughter and nonverbal sounds. But from this I decided these old guys were commenting on something they observed about the Mom and the kid. A lot of joking and probing from them. Each overriding the other, nobody listening. The Mom wore them down, one by one with a long monotone account of something or other that reminded them that there was nothing of interest about this woman other than what they thought they saw. But the part that tripped a song idea was really the lack of silence or dead air during this entire conversation. People who know and love and trust each other aren't afraid of the silence. Dead air for them is only an issue on TV or radio. So Trust To Silence is the idea I'm working on here. I hear you in the silence between our words, Your silence pulses through me, soothing herbs.

The other thought came when Nancy read a quote from a book that reflected something my Cathy has always said. The gist of it being that youth is wasted on the young. And that we should retire when we're young enough to enjoy it better. Nancy's quote was something like-- Life is too hard and it messes up our weekends. We should die first, go to an old age home until we are too young and get kicked out. Then have a career until it's time to go to college and party a lot to get ready for high school. Then become a child and enjoy the carefree innocence until we are babies, finally going back into the womb where we spend our last 9 months floating peacefully in embryonic fluid until we are nothing but a gleam in someone's eye. I thought of how I stayed with my Dad when he died. He was unconscious and I had to imagine the gleam in his eye. So I had only tears in mine. I hope I can let my Mom know before she passes that she is the gleam in my eye. Think of how complete life would be if we knew that we started and ended as a gleam in someone's eye. So that's song two. That would be my Mom song.

Family, by the way, are the worst critics. I'll never show them that song and if they ever hear it, I'll deny it's about our Mom. They'd nit pick it to death.

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