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Friday, April 08, 2005

Dreams That Matter

I know it sounds disrespectful and it also sounds hollow to say I mean no disrespect. But I'm not talking about the Pope here. I'm talking about anybody who would stand in line for more than an hour for anything. Including rides at Disney. Waiting in lines for me has seldom if ever been satisfying at the end of it all. And devotion of that magnitude to a person who is not my wife or immediate family member, smells too much like I don't have any kind of life.

I haven't had the urge to attend any sort of pep rally since I was in high school. And I went to a college where the basketball team was number 3 in the nation. Gradually, over the years, I've learned that it's best to celebrate one's self. You get so much more accomplished that way. I'm not suggesting self centeredness to the point of ignoring the achievements of others. Far from it. I just don't think it serves an important purpose to jump on certain bandwagons. They have a tendency to run off cliffs or to be smashed by intersecting buses and trains.

My song "Dreams That Matter" deals with this phenomenon. It's not recorded yet so I'll put the lyrics here. Yeah, I know I posted it earlier but now you have the context. It started as I was watching, the insane weekend of the Georgia Bulldog Vs. University of Florida Gators football weekend. The condo building I was in became a redneck frathouse of mostly middle aged and older Georgia alumnae. And every year except this most recent, they have lost. It was pathetic to see them pack up and leave all hung over and depressed on Sunday morning. They made the Trail of Tears look like a Disney parade.

Later I finished the lyric after consoling one of my former young students who was dumped by another hottie boy in high school. She tells me now that her present boyfriend is different. A musician. Oh, now we're talking!

Copyright 2005 By Bud Buckley

Shattered expectations. Hollow laughter the day after
Victory colors melted into blues and browns
Dragging empty cases, for the heart that races
And empty measures for the soulŐs true sounds

Pretty, vibrant strides slowed to plodding dreams that lied
I wonder why I spent my soul that way
Get me home where I can hope for something else to hope for
Something not so prone to decay

Learn to feed dreams that matter
Learn to find the ones that do
Pretty things can easily shatter
Dreams that matter are the ones you should pursue

Joining caravans of losers cruising to be users
Who spilled their juice on a meaningless dream
A dream that even if fulfilled dismisses what it killed
Wouldn't change a thing past the day it first had steam


Dream of things with weight, no expiration date
Things that will change the air we breathe,
And the light you see chase the wind across your face
For now and forever and for all you believe
chorus and out

posted by Bud @ 7:36 AM

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