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Monday, April 04, 2005

I'd Write a New B-Day Song If I Wasn't Busy Celebrating

I usually semi ignore my Birthday. When I was teaching I kept it a secret until around the last two years. The One Before the Last was written with that class of kids in mind. Of course it took on a different life as my lyrics tend to do. But yesterday as I was playing my block party gig, I was blind sided by 120 neighbors who sung Happy Birthday to me and presented me with a cake I never got to try. We would have needed a Miracle of the Cake to feed the masses. Also my Birthday isn't until Wednesday, April 6. It was touching and I enjoyed the attention, I admit. Then I went back to singing and they went back to partying. Later they all swore to me that they were listening to me while they chewed, swallowed, pounded flesh (uh read that handshaking, back slapping, polite hugging) and planning the next block party. Good time.

I may be a bit lax on blogging for a while as I have to really sharpen up my performance for the New York gigs coming up on April 22 and 23. I'll tell more about that later. I just wanted to say that The Birthday Song, really needs to be redone. It's a tradition whose time should have expired half a century ago. I'm just as guilty as the rest of you. I've been threatening to write a new one for years. But who would listen? At least the Beatles have given us one alternative. It's just not that easy to make it sound good on an acoustic guitar. We need something that can be done well on an acoustic or a piano or a harmonica, or, if your really must, an accordion. But in some other state with that, please.

I'll give it more thought but no promises. It is coming up on my birthday. Who wants to work on their birthday?

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